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Experience Your Most Balanced Holiday Season Yet!

Discover how to find the right amount of balance throughout the holidays so you can get the nourishment you need and also actually enjoy the holiday foods and celebrations without being out of control, feeling guilty, or needing to “reset” come January.


Are you already feeling...


Stressed about food as we approach the holiday season? 

If you’ve been struggling with your relationship with food or your weight, the holiday season can be extra challenging with so many social events and family gatherings.


With food at the center of these events, gatherings, and celebrations, it can feel extra difficult to practice balance and not overindulge because everything feels so special and delicious. 

Unfortunately, we see that many people make the mistake of going into the holiday season with specific rules they set for themselves about what they can and cannot eat to try to navigate all of the food that’s available. 

These types of rules sound like...

  • “I’m just not going to allow myself to eat any sweets throughout the holidays so I don’t get off track.” 

  • “I’m only going to eat the bad foods on actual Thanksgiving or Christmas day — the rest of the time I’ll be good and avoid the treats.”

  • “I’ll only eat the “healthy” treats and I’ll just stay away from the traditional ones that are loaded with sugar and butter.” 

  • “I’ll skip breakfast and lunch so I can have all of the enjoyable foods at dinner and for dessert without feeling guilty about it.”

  • “I already have a detox plan lined up for after the holidays so I can make up for all of the bad foods I’m going to be eating.”

If you put these rules and restrictions on yourself rather than practicing balanced eating every day, this is what happens: 


❌ you’ll spend the holiday season constantly stressing about your food choices 

❌ you’ll be more likely to overeat and beat yourself up for doing so

❌ you won’t be able to enjoy the holiday foods and celebrations with with your friends and family

❌ you’ll be more likely to feel pulled towards diets and detoxes come January (which don’t support your health and long-term habits) 

Holiday experiences centered around food shouldn’t feel like this. 

It’s possible for you to enjoy all the social gatherings, celebrations with friends and family, traveling and experience other cultures’ foods, all while nourishing yourself with the nutrients you need.  

Balanced eating gives you this experience!


When You Have the Skills To Practice Balanced Eating Through The Holidays... 


You don't...

✖️  need to avoid your favorite holiday foods. 

✖️  be preoccupied with stress and obsession over what food to eat. 

✖️  feel out of control around enjoyment foods or feel guilty for eating them. 

✖️  need to count or track everything you eat 

✖️  have to restart, reset, or detox come January 

Instead, you will...

✔️  know exactly how to find the right balance between nourishing foods and your favorite holiday treats 

✔️  be fully present to enjoy the celebrations with your friends and family 

✔️  mindfully enjoy the foods you love most, honoring the many roles food plays in our lives from nourishment to enjoyment, culture, tradition, and more 

✔️  find that it’s much easier for you to naturally make balanced choices without wasting mental energy or overthinking it 

✔️ provide your body the nourishment it needs feel its best and support digestion, energy, cravings 


It's possible for you.


Presented by the Mindful Nutrition Method

The Balanced Eating Through the Holidays Bundle

by Registered Dietitian McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

Everything you need to practice balanced eating throughout the holiday season (and beyond)! 

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Balanced Eating Through The Holidays — Bundle

Balanced Eating Through The Holiday Toolkit Video Training and Actionable Workbook

This in-depth video training will bring you step-by-step through exactly what to do before, during, and after every holiday event so you have a clear plan of action for experiencing your most balanced holiday season yet.  


✔️  The biggest mistake we see people make when approaching the holiday season and one simple way you can avoid it 

✔️  The real reason you’re overindulging or binge eating during the holidays (no, it’s not because you lack willpower, self-control, or motivation) 

✔️  How to assess how balanced you are throughout the holiday seasons (and beyond), without tracking what you eat 

✔️  Create your entire roadmap with action steps to take Before, Day-of, During, and After your holiday events so you can stay balanced with ease 

✔️  Exactly what the right balance of between enjoyment foods and nourishing foods is 

✔️  How you can begin to let go of your rigid food rules and enjoy the holiday celebrations without feeling out of control 

✔️  What to focus on to get the nourishment you need while allowing yourself the flexibility to also enjoy your favorite treats

✔️  The #1 way to stick with your eating preferences, even when everyone around you is eating differently 

🎥   60-minute in-depth video training with McKel
🔑  11 Impactful Tools
💡  4 Key Takeaways
✍️  Actionable Workbook


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Our Best Balanced Holiday Recipes  

Get instant inspiration and guidance for balanced holiday meals. 

✔️  Get our 15 best balanced holiday recipes that will be crowd-pleasers for your holiday gatherings 

✔️  4 delicious yet balanced dessert recipes that will be fully enjoyable while also giving you an extra dose of nourishment 

✔️  Simple and practical recipes that you can enjoy for events and gatherings or for your own meals throughout the week 

🥧  15 Recipes Balanced Holiday Recipes 
📑  Downloadable PDF to save and print 


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Our Best-Selling Balanced Eating Made Easy Mini-Course 

Discover how to meal prep and build balanced meals that are nutritious and delicious in any situation— all without spending hours in the kitchen or restricting what you eat — with the Foundational Five. 


✔️  Discover exactly why you haven’t been able to stick with diets in the past and you continuously find yourself starting and stopping with your eating habits

✔️  Learn exactly what needs to be on your plate to create a balanced meal plus why each element is key for how your body feels and functions and what happens when you’re missing an element 

✔️ Explore simple yet delicious ways to put together balanced meals in minutes from smoothies, salads, and entrees

✔️  Learn tips for breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and how to quickly assess whether or not your meal is balanced

✔️  Use this simple system to easily make balanced choices no matter the situation — whether you’re out to eat, cooking at home, heading to a party, or at a friend’s house. 

✔️  Master our quick meal planning method that makes it easier to cook balanced and easy meals in about 15 minutes! 


Lesson 1 • Get Out Of The All-in and All-out Cycle
Lesson 2 • Learn What Makes Up Balanced Meals and Why They're So Important
Lesson 3 • How to Make Every Meal a Balanced Meals In Any Situation 
Lesson 4 • Prep Balanced Meals Easily
Lesson 5 • What Else You Need To Have For Life-long Balanced Eating Habits

🎥  6 video lessons
📑  Balanced Ingredient Food List for Easy Reference 
✍️  Food Journal Prompts to Keep You on Track 
🥗  10 Recipes for Our Easiest Foundational Five Balanced Meals 
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BONUS: Access to the Stress Eating  Mindful Nutrition Method™  Practice Lab


 ($59 VALUE)  Included in the Balanced Eating Through The Holidays Bundle

Instant access to everything you need to practice balanced eating throughout the holiday season (and beyond!) 




Hi, I’m McKel, Registered Dietitian and the creator of the Mindful Nutrition Method™ 

With more than a decade of experience, I saw firsthand how many of my clients struggled with an imbalance with their eating habits, from unsupportive mindsets to a tendency to be disconnected from their food experience. 

Through working with thousands of clients and members, I created a method that made it possible for you to overcome these imbalances and instead create the balanced eating habits you deserve so you be free from food and diet obsession, maintain a balanced weight, and cultivate a positive relationship with food and your body, and ultimately find joy in nourishing yourself. 



Wondering If This Bundle Is For You?

This is for you if...

✔️ you love the holidays but they also stress you out because of the food 

✔️ you’ve found it difficult to stop eating (even when you’ve realized you had plenty) because everything is so special and delicious and not available all-year 

✔️ you have family and friends who often pressure you to eat or who make comments on what you’re eating (or not eating) 

✔️ you feel like you’re doomed throughout the holiday season — there’s no way you’re going to be able to stay balanced with so many delicious food being available all of the time 

✔️ you’re putting rules in place in your mind thinking that avoiding all the sweets or only allowing yourself to eat the treats on Thanksgiving or Christmas day is going to work and make you more balanced 

✔️  you’re already in the mindset that you’ll just get back on track in January and you’re treating the holidays as your “last hoorah” before the diet begins 

✔️  ready to take the first, manageable step towards more balance without it feeling overwhelming or time-consuming 

How These Tools Have Supported Our Students With Staying Balanced


“The Foundational Five was especially helpful as I don't typically overeat when I have something nutritious in front of me. Knowing that food can still be enjoyable and healthy was really great and not having a plan to stick to but rather being encouraged to find what works for me was amazing. I am now setup with tools that I feel I can use throughout this journey and for that I am so grateful.”

 — Kayla

“It’s really possible to lead a life where I don’t stress about food choices for every meal and really make it a lifestyle change! I’ve tried some of those fads and diets and they are just unrealistic long term and I end up feeling worse afterward because I’m unable to stay “on track.”

— Katie 

“I really love the approach of being educated, knowing what to put on my plate and what to look for when building a meal has had a really positive impact on me...I think it’s more freeing knowing that I have so many choices of what to eat now. I had pizza and like knew that it was ok and for the first time in a while I didn’t feel guilty, and I had a side salad with it, drank extra water and the next morning I went back to my normal routine. I have food freedom now, I eat a ton of different foods and never feel restricted.”

— Abagail

“These skills radically changed my healthy eating world!... I've been able to feed my family well because of the principles I have learned through McKel’s approach.”

— Amy

“There were a few ‘guilty’ thoughts here and there but I was able to acknowledge them and move on...guilt-free... This was the first Thanksgiving I could remember I didn’t have a diet plan or fast ready to commence on Friday!

— Kellie C. 

"I’m feeling so in control of my food, nutrition and overall well-being. I’ve been noticing this past week that it’s not hard anymore. In the past I’ve been entirely inconsistent in the way I care for myself. And suddenly I’m finding a peace and calm and confidence about all of it. I’m actually doing it. For the first time. And it’s working. I’m practicing compassion for myself, learning from different situations and building habits that are becoming a lifestyle. In reflecting this week I truly can’t believe how much has changed in my overall relationship with food. I’m free, not perfect. And it feels amazing."

— Shannon

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