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Ready To Make Healthy Eating Simple?

You're in the right place! Learn the skill that can last a lifetime and improve your wellbeing — healthy cooking and meal planning can go a long way to boost your health. In this free 4-part video training series, you’ll get a step-by-step plan, workbooks, and support along the way.

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Here's the step-by-step plan to make it happen. Start now with this 100% free nutrition and healthy eating training series emailed to your inbox:

About McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

Hey! I'm grateful for you stopping by. I’m McKel, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, author, and the Founder of Nutrition Stripped. 
My mission at Nutrition Stripped is to help educate and empower you to apply the science of nutrition and practice the art of healthy living. To do that, we offer so much at Nutrition Stripped for free such as hundreds of evidence-based nutrition and health articles, healthy recipes, this free training, webinars, and weekly inspiration delivered to your inbox. In addition, we also offer services such Wellness Coaching, a monthly accountability membership, online programs, and much more! 
One of the biggest challenges I've learned from my clients in the decade of coaching thousands to better health, is that healthy cooking doesn't come naturally to most people let alone meal planning! 
Learning simple ways to make healthy cooking enjoyable and taste delicious is a key skillset that'll last you a lifetime! I created a method of meal planning while in graduate school juggling my own health challenges, while being tight on time and resources.
For that reason, I created this free Healthy Eating Made Simple series for you to learn the simple tools, tricks, and hacks I've learned over the years to support you. 
I hope this helps give you a little boost of motivation, inspiration, but more importantly you walk away feeling more confident in your ability to meal plan and nourish your body with home cooked meals. 

Here's What You'll Learn: 

📚Class 1 — How Meal Planning Can Boost Your Health

Learn how you can eat healthy, nutrient-dense, delicious whole foods and spend a lot less time and money in the kitchen. This video shares four tips and tricks for successful batch cooking.
📚Class 2 — How To Stock Your Kitchen For Better Health
More than a kitchen tour, this video reveals one of my “secret hacks” for batch cooking. It’s the solution to meal planning fatigue, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed with decisions and spending way too much money on ingredients you’ll only use once.  
📚Class 3 — How To Batch Cook and Meal Planning 101
Worried meal planning traps you into boring meals all week? Check out my “meal components” hack that gives you the freedom to mix and match like a pro (and always get something satisfying on the go). 
📚Class 4 — How To Put It All Together: Make 10-Minute Healthy Meals With Ease
Just like a recipe, where everything comes together like magic at the end, this video is where we put together all the pieces so you can walk away feeling like a meal planning pro! Join me as I whip up an easy, 10-minute meal that is delicious and nutritious.
All classes come with printable or fillable online, workbooks so you can apply everything you learn, in real life! 
Can’t wait for you to join me in my kitchen!

Ready to make healthy eating simple?

Here's the step-by-step plan to make it happen. Start now with this 100% free nutrition and healthy eating training series:

What Our Community Is Saying!

“I’ve been amazed at how much easier my world has been once I really started trying to simplify what I was eating instead of trying to concoct super fancy, insanely involved recipes every night. The meal plans allow day-to-day flexibility which is incredibly helpful for a wife and mother with a busy schedule!” — Britney 


“Learning how to meal prep has truly been a game changer, especially while I’m in school. I’ve noticed that when I don’t take the time to meal plan for a certain week, I end up eating less and having less energy. I would’ve never learned how to meal prep effectively without Nutrition Stripped, so thanks, McKel!” — Jacy


“I can hardly believe how amazing I feel after such a short time of fueling my body right. I have significantly more energy and feel an overall lightness in my body. I usually feel very sluggish and sick after eating and I’ve felt nothing but fantastic these past few days. Thank you, McKel, for sharing this great knowledge, I’m so excited to continue learning!” — Emily


“It has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goal of obtaining all my nutritional goals through whole foods and still embracing my love of cooking and being a foodie!” —Michelle
"I have inspiration to cook for myself and my family, which I know is the best choice for us. It has provided me with a lot of information. I use all the features to educate myself on my own time. Then, I remind myself of what I’ve learned to inspire me back into cooking mode on school nights and weekends alike. It’s just been a great resource in wellness." — Amanda
“I’ve LOVE being a part of the Nutrition Stripped community. The meal plans have saved me money and time and have made me feel incredibly healthy.” — Elizabeth

Ready to make healthy eating simple?

Here's the step-by-step plan to make it happen. Start now with this 100% free nutrition and healthy eating training series: