by Dietitian McKel Kooienga MS, RDN, LDN


The 3-part Method To Be Confident, Balanced, & At Peace With Food. 

Learn the #1 habit that's keeping you stuck and stressed with food — find your balanced weight, enjoy food fully, and feel confident!


In The Mindful Nutrition Method™, we teach you how to feel good around food without stressing, yo-yo dieting, restricting, counting, or obsessing about food.



What You'll Learn During This Free Exclusive Training

💫 Break Free From Food And Diet Obsession

Learn what's needed to break free from the overwhelming and unhealthy food and diet obsession that’s been making you feel guilty, out of control, and “like a failure.”

🌿 Overcome Overeating and Bingeing  

Learn what it takes to get to the root of what’s causing you to be disconnected from your body and meal experience and the simple habit you need to build to overcome overeating.

🌻 Maintain A Balanced Weight With Ease

Learn why you’ve struggled with your weight for so long and the secrets for finding and maintaining your balanced weight — without restricting what you eat, tracking every bite, mentally stressing about food, or obsessing over the scale.

🤸‍♂️ Cultivate A Positive Relationship With Food

Discover why the “good” food vs.“bad” food mentality doesn’t actually support your health and how to heal your relationship with food and your body so you can easily nourish yourself properly while also enjoying the many roles food has in your life.  

💝 Nourish Yourself With Confidence & Joy 

Learn how it's possible to get to a place where you actually enjoy making nourishing choices and feel confident and empowered about how you're caring for your health.

🍊 Create Balanced Eating Habits For Life 

Learn about the 3-part method you need to create and maintain balanced eating habits for life. Plus, how you can get support from my team and me when you join The Mindful Nutrition Method™ program.

About McKel Kooienga MS, RDN, LDN

Founder of Nutrition Stripped and creator of the Mindful Nutrition Method™.

McKel is a leading voice in nutrition, awarded "Top 20 Role Models" named by Arianna Huffington. 

McKel is a featured expert with her work in, The Good Life by Dr. Oz, Real Simple, Shape, SELF, Women's Health, Today's Dietitian, Healthline, Well + Good, and other major outlets. 

With 10 years of experience coaching thousands of people over the world, she combines her education, expertise, and passions inside the one-of-a-kind Mindful Nutrition Method — a live coaching program that has helped people break free from food and diet obsession, maintain a balanced weight, and cultivate a positive relationship with food.

When she’s not supporting her members with balanced eating, you can find her living a mindful lifestyle in her eco-home she built with her husband in Tennessee, snuggling with her dog Luna, spending lots of time in her garden growing her own food, cooking, and spending as much time as possible in nature.


Is This For Me?

If you’ve ever had any of these thoughts, this exclusive training about The 3-Part Method is for you!

✔️ “I think about food too much — the good and bad choices, my body, and my weight all the time.”

✔️ “I don't want to think about food all the time and feel guilty about my choices.”

✔️ “I want to eat like a “normal” person, stop overeating and bingeing, and get rid of the all-in or all-out mentality.”

✔️ “I'm tired of obsessing over food. I want to find joy, pleasure, and nourishment from it.”

✔️ “I am tired of trying every diet under the sun to feel better and lose weight to only feel worse. I am so tired of food consuming so many of my thoughts.”

✔️ “I want food to be part of my life, not take me away from living my life!”

✔️ “I want to finally feel free of the never-ending dieting cycle of trying and failing to lose weight and feel my best.”

What Others Are Saying About The Mindful Nutrition Method

Shannon B., Georgia

“I left food prison and have moved into food freedom. I’m feeling so in control of my food, nutrition, and overall well-being. I’m shocked at the mental and physical change I’ve experienced.”

Kristin O., New Mexico,

“I’ve struggled with food and my weight for most of my life. I was constantly going back and forth from restricting to bingeing a lot. This has helped transform my life. I have gone from feeling miserable, depressed, and very stressed around food to now feeling excited to cook and to eat. I feel happier and healthier, which is my goal.”

Pippa M., United Kingdom

“It's a mindset change. Now I don't feel the need to get it right 100% of the time, or saying 'you can't have or shouldn't have.' Now I know it's 'What do you need to get that balance?' It's so different."

Kelsey M., Washington DC

"I’m looking at my health as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, all of it, and that's something I've never done before with myself or my health. I really feel like I am at this point in my life, the healthiest that I've ever been."

Features Inside the Free Class

✏️ Free Reflective Workbook

McKel gives you prompts and questions throughout the free class to fill out in your free workbook to assess, reflect, and start your balanced eating journey.

🎥 Video Class 

Watch the on-demand video class in the comfort of your home, scheduled at the time that works best for you.

🔑 Actionable Tool

Learn the #1 tool to use to instantly access your balanced eating habits and how to use it in your daily life.

⭐ Bonus Available

When you join the Mindful Nutrition Method, you will get a bonus! The Balanced Eating Kickstart Kit bonus and discount that’s only available for class attendees for those of you who are interested in the program and choose to sign up.

 ðŸ“… Accountability

Research shows that accountability is a key marker of success when reaching goals. That's why you'll be getting email reminders and schedule a specific time/date to watch the free class, as soon as you sign up.

 ðŸ’¬ Questions & Support

If you have any questions after you watch the free class, in your emails, you'll learn the answers to the most popular questions, and how to get in touch with McKel & the team.

What Are You Waiting For?

Sign up now and also get the #1 tool to use today to help you be more balanced plus limited-time enrollment bonuses to the Mindful Nutrition Method™ program. 

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