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The Nutrition Stripped Reset Program

The Stripped Reset Program

This isn’t a detox — because you’re smarter than that and you know that your body detoxes all the time — right? Right! And if you need support in learning more about how your body detoxes and simple ways to eat nutrient-dense foods, then this is the plan for you.

What Is A Reset?

The Nutrition Stripped Reset is a 21-day plan that teaches you how to support your body in the best ways possible from stress management, meal plans, recipes, goal setting, and learning how your body really detoxes.

As a Registered Dietitian, I walk you through each step of this online program from showing you how to make these delicious recipes, teaching you how our body detoxes, myth-busting Q&A time, and more.

Basically, it’s like you’re sitting in class (a fun one) learning about how your body works, how you can support yourself, and how to avoid all those juice cleanses and trends you’re seeing right now.

Class is in session, here’s what to expect:

  • All content lives on an online portal for easy access
  • All printable and fillable materials
  • 21-day meal plan
  • Bonus meal plan: “Digest Rest” day
  • Whole food and delicious recipes
  • Bonus recipes
  • Resources to support you
  • Four Cooking Videos (most popular recipes)
  • Five Educational Videos
  • Shopping Lists for each week
  • Cooking Lists for each week
  • How To Stock Your Kitchen
  • How Much To Eat, portion guide
  • Daily Checklist
  • Goal Setting and Manifesting Your Health Vision
  • Lifestyle Tips