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Looking for a leading nutrition brand to elevate and back your brand or product? Let’s work together!

We are hired to work with Fortune 500 Companies to small businesses we feel great recommending to our global community of million through our platforms. 

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Ways We Can Work Together

Sponsoring Nutrition Stripped

Nutrition Expert, Ambassador, and Spokesperson

Utilize McKel's expertise in nutrition and mindful eating to legitimize your brand, product, and offerings. With sought-after professional experience in media from Live TV, Live Virtual Workshops, and conducting interviews with top media outlets in the industry — this offering is ideal for your brand if you're looking for content creation and an expert to speak on behalf of your product. This is for serious brands only who are willing to work with NS and McKel for at least 12-months. 

Content Creation

Our team takes great care and strategic efforts to maintain high domain authority and SEO with every piece of our content.

Content creation can look like: blog posts, recipe posts, video (long form and short form), social media postings from Nutrition Stripped.

Additionally, we create content that is white labeled (i.e. created for your brand without Nutrition Stripped mention).

Social Media Campaigns

If you're looking for just a social media campaign — Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, then this is for your brand.

We create engaging social media posts with millions of impressions and can support your brand awareness with this offering as well. 

Whitelisted Video Ads

Whether you want to amplify this original video creation on Nutrition Stripped platforms or you're simply looking for video creation to use in your marketing plan, ads, etc.

We create commercial-grade videos with professional editing (our team editor works with all A-list celebrities and major TV networks).

Private-labeled Education Materials 

Looking for our team to create original content for your brand and company? We got you covered!

We work with brands to create custom ebooks for their communities, videos for commercials and ads, photography, recipes, and nutrition education. 

All of this content is then owned by the brand with no branding, logos, or credit to Nutrition Stripped.

Example Live Virtual Event

Co-hosted live event about the benefits of ACV with McKel and Katy Perry for one of our favorite brands at Nutrition Stripped, Bragg® Live Foods.

Meet McKel Kooienga MS, RDN, LDN

McKel is a leading voice in nutrition and mindful health, awarded "Top 20 Role Models" named by Arianna Huffington. Her work has been featured in, The Good Life by Dr. Oz, Real Simple, Shape, SELF, Women's Health, Food Network, Today's Dietitian, Healthline, Well + Good, and more major outlets.

As an Author and Dietitian who has coached thousands of clients and supported millions through, her mission is to make it simple to apply the science of nutrition and practice the art of mindful living to achieve your best health.
Combining her decade of real life coaching experience with her Masters of Science degree and areas of continued education in clinical nutrition, behavior change, and mindful eating — in her work, she guides people to design a way of eating and living that’s unique to their body and lifestyle to make sustainable change out of small daily practices.

What It's Like Working With Us


“McKel is an ideal partner and collaborator. She thinks through the messaging and key points and delivers in an authentic way. From the beginning of the project to the end, I felt that she was giving her all. On the day of the shoot, she was professional and always had a smile on her face. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!”- Joanne Tehrani – PadillaCRT with the Hass Avocado Board


“We had the great pleasure of working with McKel Hill while she promoted her gorgeous new book, Nutrition Stripped on TV stations across the country. She displayed inherent ease and authenticity on camera and had an excellent rapport with all of the media she interacted with. Her vast nutritional knowledge and sense of style have her well poised to be a top talent in the industry. Everyone who worked with McKel during the shoot day was impressed by her, from the production crew to the food stylists. She is an absolute delight!” – Kara Leibowitz Artisan Production House NYC


“Working with McKel is always seamless—she has served as a resource for numerous nutrition articles at Shape, and she consistently transmits her extensive knowledge in a way that our readers can understand and apply to their health and wellness routine. Because of Nutrition Stripped’s wide social media reach, McKel is a face that our readers would know and trust, and therefore would be even more likely to incorporate something like her meal prep tips or smoothie bowl recipe into their regular routine.” -Mara Santilli, SHAPE Magazine


“McKel is so wonderful to work with and provides health tips that are easy for anyone to incorporate into their lifestyle. She makes healthy food fun, attainable, and achievable. Our audience absolutely loved her! “ — Rebecca Longshore/ Real Simple

What differentiates Nutrition Stripped?


Nutrition Stripped is a globally recognized brand with a decade of experience in the health industry.

Working with Nutrition Stripped provides a level of credibility and legitimacy to your brand message and products.


We take pride in saying no much more than we say yes to brand opportunities — that's because when working together with brands it needs to be a win-win.

You won't see us partnering with a supplement brand one month and their direct competitor the following like many bloggers and influencers.


In addition to our great ranking with google and high domain authority, we create engaging unique content.

We take into consideration your brand or product goals and how we can formulate a unique campaign to show it off well.


We take our job seriously (and have fun too!) to make any partnership or collaboration a mutual win.

We value relationships and working together as a team. We're incredibly organized, streamlined, and meet deadlines with ease.

What We Do At NS

Here's a list of our content calendar, programs, and coaching offerings.

At Nutrition Stripped, we're not just a free online resource helping millions each year reach better health, we're health care professionals, educators, and community leaders in nutrition and health.

The Website

90% of our content is free on We share healthy recipes weekly, videos covering a range of topics including healthy cooking, eating, lifestyle habits, home, and beauty. We also share weekly health and nutrition articles. We use only the best and most current SEO practices to continue to strengthen our already great standing domain authority. 

  • New recipes monthly
  • New videos monthly
  • Newsletter each week and monthly
  • New health/nutrition articles monthly

Online Programs

  • Our best-selling online programs teaches people all over the world how to create healthier eating and lifestyle habits. With video, audio lessons, worksheets, an online community, private live coaching, monthly video classes, and endless support — this is our most engaged community.

Personalized Coaching Practice

  • Our team of Registered Dietitians are credentialed and licensed health care professionals who work 1-1 coaching people virtually over the world to help them reach their health goals. We give our clients nutrition, lifestyle, supplement, and product recommendations that are NS Approved.

Have an idea?

Let's connect about your potential campaign.

Please note: we only engage in paid sponsorships for our work and services, if you're looking for a product review, trade, or affiliate, that is not a service we provide so please do not move further in scheduling a call.
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Previous Sponsors

These are brands we're proud to have worked with!

Amazing Grass
American Express
Bragg Live foods
California Dried Plum Board
Maple Syrup Council
National Mango Board
Pulses USA
Simple Mills
Traditional Medicinals
True Citrus
US Highbush Blueberry Council
California Raisins
Cherry Marketing Institute
United States Pharmacopeia
New Chapter
Nature Made
Align Probiotics
One A Day
Haas Avocado Board SMT
Channel 5 WTVF Nashville, cooking demo
Channel 4 WSMV Nashville, cooking demo
Fresh Beauty
Avalon Organics
Avocado Mattress
Ritual Zero Proof
Obe Fitness
Kyoto CBD

Past Sponsors: Video Work

In collaboration with Simple Mills, Nature Made, New Chapter, and American Express.


Average Media Stats

Additional information is available upon request and for serious inquiries only. Updated in Jan 2022.

Our Reader

NS readers are highly engaged, intelligent shoppers, will visit the same content multiple times, and they seek to put their health and wellbeing first

Community Demographic

85% / 15 % (female / male) 

25-35 years old 

lives in US Canada UK AUS

Posting Schedule

 Instagram — 5 posts per week

Blogs — 1+ weekly

Emails — 2+ weekly

Additional Socials

IG Followers: 350,000+

FB Likes: 70,000

YT Subs: 22,000

Twitter: 16,000

~ 1 million

Monthly viewers on Pinterest

Instagram Posts

Saves: 300-1000

Shares: 300-600

Impressions: 50-100k

*per highest performing posts

1+ million

Pageviews per year

50k Email Subcribers

Our clients, students, and monthly members have the highest open rates

Have an idea?

Let's connect about your potential campaign. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our rates for services depend on several factors including: 

- exclusivity

- term

- brand use and likeness

- overall deliverables

Our past and typical rates for brand sponsorships start at the lowest of $10k and upward.

Rate will be discussed on an individual basis.


We do not engage in affiliate relationships, performance-based work, work for free (i.e. sharing products/shoutouts), or 1-off sponsorships to test.

Our sponsors value the expertise, education, and engaged community of Nutrition Stripped and that McKel provides.

If you are looking for guaranteed ROI, specific sales, or targetted engagement rates compared to the industry of recipe bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers, we don't overpromise as our category is in nutrition education and coaching.

However, if you are looking for an expert with 10+ years in the industry with experience working with thousands of people, and to add value to your products, then we're in alignment.


We only say yes and work with brands we use, trust, enjoy and know our community will benefit from having in their lives.

We are also intentional about choosing 1-2 brands within a category to be exclusive to for an entire year.

We say no far more often than we say yes and want these sponsorships to be a win-win-win!