Ever feel like you're overthinking, stressing, or worrying about making the right food choices for you?


Do you need help creating a balance between eating enough of the good foods your body needs + the foods you love eating?

The 1-1 Rebalance Coaching Sessions are like having a roadmap for your balanced food & body journey. With McKel’s trusted guidance and insight, you can finally break free from limited beliefs around food, habits keeping you stuck in the dieting cycle, and blocks holding you back from reaching your health goals.










McKel gives you tailored and trusted guidance using the Mindful Nutrition Method to navigate one of these 3 areas:


Mindful Mindset — Overcoming the dieting mentality, reframing food rules, wellness vision exploration, and breaking through old dieting patterns.

Mindful Eating — Overcoming overeating (binge eating and emotional eating),  undereating (restricting and dieting), and learning the balance of nourishment + enjoyment foods. 

Mindful Living — Healthy meal planning, self-care supportive routines, cooking, on-the-go eating well tips, and habit hacks to stay consistent with your goals. 

Hi, McKel here!

As a mindfulness-based Dietitian, I've worked with thousands of women for over a decade who went from feeling out of control with food to feeling fully confident and empowered by their food choices.

That's why I created the Mindful Nutrition Method — my signature program and way of coaching where clients find balance with food, for life.

It is possible for you to overcome these same struggles and create balanced eating habits! You deserve to be free from food and diet obsession, maintain a balanced weight, cultivate a positive relationship with food and your body, and enjoy food fully without guilt.

I'd be honored to help you get there.

— McKel Kooienga, MS RDN LDN Founder of Nutrition Stripped and the Mindful Nutrition Method


Professional Background and Training

  • 11+ years experience
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology and Dietetics, The Ohio State University
  • Master of Science Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, The Ohio State University | Masters Thesis: Dietitian Practitioners’ Knowledge, Behaviors, and Practices Regarding Dietary Supplements
  • RDN Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and LDN Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
  •  MBSR, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, trained
  •  MSC, Mindful Self-Compassion, Trained
  • Creator of MNM, The Mindful Nutrition Method
  • Wellcoaches Behavioral Coaching, Trained
  • The Power Of Awareness by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, training
  • The Science and Art of Herbalism by Rosemary Gladstar, training
  • Well + Good Council
  • Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • 15+ years, long-time student of mindfulness meditation
  • Author of The Nutrition Stripped Cookbook [ William Morrow]

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Results and transformations that are possible for you too:

“Food was the enemy I fought most of my life. Now Food is my friend and ally. I am free finally of dieting. I enjoy food again.” — Karen C.
“Before I was constantly swinging from all in to all out, consumed with food guilt and frustration that I was stuck. Now I feel I understand my body better, and that I have better tools to determine what I need while still enjoying food. It's life changing, no joke! It's a perfect blend of habit change and compassion building to truly find your balance and enjoy life.” — Sara L.
“Before MNM, I was at war with my body and food. Now, I am working with my body and happy to have food as a tool for nourishment and enjoyment instead of the enemy.” — Autumn T.
“Before this MNM course I was completely chaotic in my food choices. I am still not perfect but McKel helped me remember that it’s actually not about perfection at all. It’s about knowing what right for my own body and my life. Thank you thank you thank you!” — Alissa W.
“There is no one-size-fits-all to health. Having someone guide me as I figure out what works for ME has been invaluable." - Alyssa
“I was feeling overwhelmed about food and the best way to nourish myself, a bit stuck and worn out with it all, now I feel much clearer, calmer and at ease around food and I’m much more in tune with what works for me. There are so many diet programs out there but this is totally different, it delves so much deeper and helps you to take the time to really reflect on what is right for you as an individual and gives you so many tools to help.” — Emma S.
Client results and transformations using my coaching and methodology

"This has helped transform my life...I feel happier and healthier, which is my goal."

“I was constantly going back and forth from restricting, to then completely the opposite end of that spectrum, I was binging a lot. I had really been mostly focusing on my weight and my appearance, and working through the Method, I really feel like it's helping me see that it's not just about that, or not even mostly about that, it's how I feel, how I'm living my life every day.

Changing my focus from just losing weight and my appearance to how I'm feeling and how I'm showing up for my days has really been a huge difference. It's really taken the stress off of food for me.

I really truly believe that this has helped transform my life. I have gone from feeling miserable and honestly depressed and very stressed around food to now feeling excited to cook and to eat, there's not so much worry, I feel more alive. I feel happier and healthier, which is my goal.”

— Kristin O., New Mexico


"What's really shifted is that I'm more conscious of what I'm doing and more present and that's had such a positive impact to stop overeating."

“Before joining the method, I was frustrated with food and I had a very bad relationship with food. 

I had issues with binge eating, so one thing the method has helped me with is understanding my personal and specific reasons why I would overeat and the connection between emotion and food.

It stems from family history, issues of self-confidence and self-worth, and even what happened this week. Breaking it down and exploring how that affects my eating has been really helpful….I could really tune into those moments when I was highly stressed and frustrated, and angry, and how that translated into what I was eating…

What's really shifted is that I'm more conscious of what I'm doing and more present and that's had such a positive impact to stop overeating. If you're looking for help, then this is a very supportive and warm environment to shift your own self-worth and self-awareness.”

— Ann B., New York

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