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Created by McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN

Let Go of The Diets and Reclaim Balance With The Way You Nourish Yourself 

The Method is an online course, community, and group coaching that guides you to reclaim balance with the way you nourish yourself.

Watch the free workshop on The Mindful Nutrition Method™ with McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, LDN to discover what the method is and how you can receive support from our team! 


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"I can take baby steps towards living a healthier life."

"Before deciding to try McKel’s framework, I didn’t think I’d have the time or willpower to really change my lifestyle and eating behaviors.After experiencing the framework, I've realized that I can take baby steps towards living a healthier life and I’m encouraged to make the guidance my own, listen to my body and find the routines that work best for me.I now have the tools to sustain this healthy lifestyle — they serve as a reference guide that I can return to time and time again!

— Christina

"I have food freedom now."
"I have food freedom now, I eat a ton of different foods and never feel restricted. I just kinda like moved some portions around, fine tuned what types of carbs I enjoy, eat way more consistently, also like the different oils I use to cook and how much. It was literal nutrition/lifestyle therapy.”

— Abagail

"It encompasses so much more than the standard approach to nutrition."

"The Method is such a wonderful way of learning everything you need to bring to the table to stay well! It encompasses so much more than the standard approach to nutrition and really teaches you how to slow step your way to finding your unique wellness regime, which was so crucial for me as I like to take things one step at a time!"


"It's not all or nothing."

"My biggest takeaway from The Method was learning that life flows and I should try and flow with it. It's not "all or nothing". Balance is okay, setbacks are not the end of the world, and small wins mean everything...I am now setup with tools that I feel I can use throughout this journey and for that I am so grateful."

— Kayla

"If you're considering this program, DO IT. Run don’t walk!"

If you're considering this program, DO IT. Run don’t walk! This is a fantastic long-run investment of your time and attention. The videos are such a good avenue for checking in on how you are really living. The videos alone felt like enough to warrant the time and resources to work through this program. However, there is more!

The robust resources and tools the NS team has compiled is extraordinary. I am already excited to work through the content again as my life evolves. I’m sure I will hear new things and engage new thoughts during future life chapters. Highly recommend for today and for long-term use!


"Positive impact has occurred without following a diet."

There has been a very positive impact on my lifestyle. And it's important to note is that this positive impact has occurred without following a "diet." I am pausing and checking in regularly. This allows me to make better choices with ease and without a sense of deprivation.

— Simmi

The Method Membership

Here's a Snapshot of What The Program Includes:

The Method’s Core Curriculum

Deep dive into the our method with videos (and audio lessons if you’re on the go) breaking down exactly what to do, how to make it work for your life, and worksheets to help you put the lessons into practice. 

Monthly Practice Lab 

Each month, McKel covers a specific topic more in depth from the framework, so you can explore new topics and find what may work for you. All questions are directly taken from you and other members so you always have the support you need.

Monthly Milestone Class 

There’s a monthly Milestone Class, tailored towards helping you remove any blocks or navigate situations that may be preventing you from taking the action you want. 

12 Months of Community Support

You’ll also have access to our exclusive community of The Method Members, where you can ask questions, share your wins and takeaways, and participate in weekly accountability. 

Live Coaching Hours

Most importantly, we have Live Coaching Hours monthly with one of our NS Coaches for you to get support moving through any blocks you may experience so you can keep progressing towards your goals. 

Join the free workshop to learn more about the method you'll learn how to use inside and what's included in the program.


Meet McKel Kooienga MS, RDN, LDN

McKel is a leading voice in nutrition and mindful health, awarded "Top 20 Role Models" named by Arianna Huffington. Her work has been featured in, The Good Life by Dr. Oz, Real Simple, Shape, SELF, Women's Health, Food Network, Today's Dietitian, Healthline, Well + Good, and more major outlets.

As an Author and Dietitian who has coached thousands of clients and supported millions through, her mission is to make it simple to apply the science of nutrition and practice the art of mindful living to achieve your best health.
Combining her decade of real life coaching experience with her Masters of Science degree and areas of continued education in clinical nutrition, behavior change, and mindful eating — in her work, she guides people to design a way of eating and living that’s unique to their body and lifestyle to make sustainable change out of small daily practices.

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Join the free workshop to learn more about the framework you'll learn how to use inside The Method and what's included in the membership.


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